Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AKB48 Members Play a Game in Which They are Forced to Eat an Insect

1: 2015/05/17(日) 22:45:09.00

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3: 2015/05/17(日) 22:46:23.62
Even if that was a cicada I'm not sure what to think

7: 2015/05/17(日) 22:48:31.66
In the thumbnail is certainly doesn't not look like a cockroach

9: 2015/05/17(日) 22:49:40.50
Noel Gallagher
"AKB are crazy, the chick that ate a cockroach is the vocalist"

13: 2015/05/17(日) 22:52:56.33
But people from Nagano eat them regularly right?

16: 2015/05/17(日) 22:54:32.53
Even if it is a cicada it's still gross
I doubt the sanity of people who watch this program

17: 2015/05/17(日) 22:55:50.52
Programs in which people eat weird things were popular at one point

18: 2015/05/17(日) 22:58:50.17
Since it's a cicada I guess it's edible w

21: 2015/05/17(日) 23:00:01.88
Even a cicada would be disturbing
AKB will break up and that station will be off the air

22: 2015/05/17(日) 23:00:28.63
AKB already has no popularity anymore


23: 2015/05/17(日) 23:03:04.60
The 48 groups have a lot of productions in which they use insects
Ariyoshi competed with AKB to see how many insects they can put on their heads
Productions that use insects are unpleasant and it's a lack of common sense to make them do those kinds of things

24: 2015/05/17(日) 23:04:19.81
It didn't go down her throat like that?

26: 2015/05/17(日) 23:05:11.43
Saying the excuse that it was a cicada is pretty much the same reaction
A cicada and a cockroach are both gross all the same

27: 2015/05/17(日) 23:05:27.55
The time when they were blowing air into the tube was disgusting

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