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Which Actor Will Be Selected to Appear in a Taiga Drama?

1. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:17:20 -16
Considering both age and vigor, who is the actor that you think will be chosen for a Taiga drama after this? (This time not actress, actors only!)

Please show me ones that make you think, "For historical figures and the heroines, this person is perfect!"

I think that Oguri Shun can do it some day.
I feel that he will have hopes for playing Oda Nobunaga once again as he wishes, (he plays him in Nobunaga Concerto), Uesugi Kenshin, Otani Yoshitsugi, or some other military leader from the feudal period.

For the heroine I think that it's about time for Horikita Maki.
There are pros and cons to her acting, but she's a beauty that suits traditional Japanese clothing, and personally I would like to see Horikita-san in a Taiga.



2. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:20:16 [通報+589
Yamada Takayuki
I simply want to see him [in a Taiga drama]

3. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:20:30 [通報+216
Abe Sadao-san!
It will probably suit and be entertaining (^o^)

5. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:20:58 [通報+246
I don't know who will be good for the leading role but for the heroine I think that Anne will be next!

7. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:21:04 [通報+219
Oosawa Takao

8. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:21:16 [通報+208
Kubota Masataka


13. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:21:46 [通報+136
Horikita Maki x Oguri Shun were a good match in Hana Kimi so they are a combination that I like


16. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:22:31 [通報+135
Anne sure is popular on Girls Channel
She must be popular among those old ladies who watch morning dramas

17. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:23:01 [通報+129
Takahata Mitsuki
Her acting is good. But she doesn't appear much on screen?


22. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:23:47 [通報+188
The lead in a Taiga drama= a batsu game for battling low ratings for a year
Because if the ratings are bad it will have an effect on their career afterwards
I don't want any of the actors that I like to do it (supporting roles are fine though)

23. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:24:13 [通報+269
Abe Hiroshi-san


26. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:24:40 [通報+165


27. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:24:47 [通報+249
Yamada Takayuki is popular w If he did a historical drama his intensity would probably be strong so it's perfect for him. He has the feel of a feudal era military commander

29. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:25:16 [通報+185
Anne-chan is too tall and she has a funny face so she wouldn't look good on screen?
I think Mizuhara Kiko looks good dressed in a kimono

30. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:25:29 [通報+134
N no Tame ni was good! Kubota-kun is a good actor


35. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:28:10 [通報+109
Horikita Maki has fallen to the level where it's suspicious whether or not she can be the lead role in a serial drama

37. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:29:10 [通報+141
Tamayama Kenji-san who is connected to NHK. A samurai role would suit him

38. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:29:22 [通報+314
Seeing Matsuyama Kenichi who was popular up until a point bomb like that makes me scared for him to do a Taiga drama...

44. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:31:02 [通報+155
In a few years Kamiki Ryuunoskue will hit the mark

52. 匿名 2015/04/01(水) 10:34:55 [通報] +135
I definitely don't want to see EXILE w

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