Monday, April 27, 2015

Nishiuchi Mariya and Shirota Yuu Allegedly Dating


1: 2015/04/24(金) 08:36:42.96 ID:???*.net
Nishiuchi, who was voted number one on the ranking of "The Faces That You Want" by teens, and Shirota, who is half Japanese, half Spanish, were caught meeting each other by tabloid magazine Friday. Nishiuchi was seen being picked up by Shirota in his personal car. 


6: 2015/04/24(金) 08:39:24.90 et
One of the actors from Rookies [the drama] retired, but the rest are appearing quite steadily

7: 2015/04/24(金) 08:40:05.36 et
In terms of types, they seem like they suit each other
But personally, I just can't come to like these two

9: 2015/04/24(金) 08:40:18.96 et
They're a tall couple so I bet they'll stand out

10: 2015/04/24(金) 08:41:19.60 et
They are way too beautiful
It's like is this a shoujo manga or something?

14: 2015/04/24(金) 08:42:22.65 et
Well if we're talking about a suitable partner then he's suitable

20: 2015/04/24(金) 08:43:57.86 et
I don't think there is that much of a demand for Nishiuchi

22: 2015/04/24(金) 08:44:21.74 et
Shirota isn't an ikemen at all


24: 2015/04/24(金) 08:45:11.16 et
I think their conversations would be so boring. 

28: 2015/04/24(金) 08:45:34.39 et
They matched with this with the timing of the release of Cinderella huh

36: 2015/04/24(金) 08:47:31.76 et
Plastic surgery woman

53: 2015/04/24(金) 08:54:02.42 et
She's not cute so who cares


60: 2015/04/24(金) 08:56:12.90 et
Shirota has a bad reputation so she'll regret this
Go out with me instead

62: 2015/04/24(金) 08:56:26.35 et
Shirota Yuu's reputation for his behavior isn't good 

65: 2015/04/24(金) 08:58:33.12 et
He wasn't dating Imoto?

no title

70: 2015/04/24(金) 09:03:52.35 et
He's conspicuous when next to a Japanese person
Of course she'll choose a hafu

no title

72: 2015/04/24(金) 09:04:21.47 et
Get pregnant and raise the birth rate

74: 2015/04/24(金) 09:05:03.12 et
Shirota always goes after his costars

51: 2015/04/24(金) 08:52:38.10 et
Women choose based on looks after all


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