Monday, April 20, 2015

Kuninaka Ryouko Pregnant; Mukai Osamu to Become Father


1: 2015/04/20(月) 02:06:55.66 ID:???*.net
Following Ueto Aya, Kuninaka Ryoko has announced news of her pregnancy. She has announced that she is 5 months pregnant. Since marrying husband Mukai Osamu, she has looked forward to having a child. 

3: 2015/04/20(月) 02:09:17.23 et
What a great family this is

6: 2015/04/20(月) 02:11:35.18 et
34 huh..she barely made it

8: 2015/04/20(月) 02:12:01.71 et
No matter which one the child looks like, it will be good looking


9: 2015/04/20(月) 02:13:47.22 et
So it was a shotgun wedding huh. If it wasn't a shotgun wedding Mukai Osamu wouldn't get married at all.

37: 2015/04/20(月) 02:33:37.74 et
Her presence as an actress was pretty faint
She has the impression of having marriage as her goal


61: 2015/04/20(月) 02:58:11.29 et
Nice couple

64: 2015/04/20(月) 03:03:47.15 et
She is a good woman 
She's still sexy


65: 2015/04/20(月) 03:04:02.66 et
It seems that a beautiful child will be born to a beautiful man and woman

99: 2015/04/20(月) 04:10:35.35 et
When I found out that these two are a couple I was shocked


118: 2015/04/20(月) 04:39:07.06 et
Speaking of which in Date [the drama] she wore a lot of clothing that wouldn't make her stomach stand out

no title

125: 2015/04/20(月) 04:47:25.60 et
They will definitely become a great family

135: 2015/04/20(月) 05:19:31.54 et
A child huh. A joyous occasion
Couples who are the same age and in the same industry give off a good feeling
I didn't like Mukai Osamu, but his stock has risen with this marriage

36: 2015/04/20(月) 02:33:07.66 et
Yep. This is definitely celebratory news


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