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Groups That Were Crushed by Johnny's

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I liked Lead since my student days and supported them, but at one time they disappeared from tv completely. This is just a persistent rumor, but the reason was that they were crushed by Johnny's. They had real talent so it's disappointing. They are still trying their best with their activities, but I want them to appear on tv more.

Does everyone have a celebrity that they supported who were crushed by Johnny's?

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Great Chicken Powers

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Da Pampu

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The Great Chicken Powers story is pretty famous
But young people don't know

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The three member male group W-inds.

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Da Pump and Winds were in the same agency right?
I feel like both were crushed.

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Miura Daichi
He doesn't appear on Music Station.

But even though they should have looked out for Sandaime more than Daichi, they are now somewhat mistaken.

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I liked them!
I think it was pretty big that they couldn't appear on Music Station.
And when Keita put out a solo, his being a part of W-inds was not spoken of.

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Nakamori Akina

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I have liked Lead since their debut!
W-inds and Lead really don't appear on television because of the power of Johnny's.
At one time they were appearing on HEY!HEY!HEY! but they changed producers in the middle and the brought out Johnny's, so [W-inds and Lead] no longer made appearances.
It's disappointing, but if there is a concert or event I will go and support them!

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They thwarted the groups who can dance and sing.
DA PUMP and w-inds and Lead and the like.
Because Johnny's lip sync

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I can only think of w-inds!
I have always been a fan!

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When you search Miura Daichi he comes up a lot
It's because of the pressure from Johnny's [that he can't appear on tv more]

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Definitely, Da Pump!

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When you think of it, it amazing that EXILE have managed to grow so much without being crushed by Johnny's.

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The power of that agency is really huge
They can create popular talents and of course do the opposite

Miura Daichi may not gain popularity for his looks but Johnny's cannot compete when it comes to singing and dancing

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