Monday, April 27, 2015

EXILE Gets Hated by the Acting Industry


1: 2015/04/24(金) 01:41:29.96 ID:???*.net
Even though Exile is a highly popular group, veteran actors apparently hate Exile the most. That is because the members of Exile are increasingly appearing in television dramas, and that is causing trouble. When an Exile member appears on the set, they get ignore by the actors and actresses. The amount of people that they cannot appear on screen with is increasing. So what is the reason?

"At any rate their acting is too bad. Speaking of the dramas that the members have appeared in, there is 2011's Rokudenashi Blues, 2012's GTO, and 2013's Machiisha Jumbo!, but all of the performances were at the same level of a school play, and not one of the members got good reviews."

"For example, even in Johnny's, there are people who appear in dramas while being an idol. There is the contention that it is inconceivable that they appear in dramas, but when they do appear in dramas they make their best effort. Exile doesn't do that at all."

"They read their lines flatly, they don't remember their scripts, and the worst is that during a break in filming, there was one member who who did a dance simulation. This looks very careless in the acting industry, and the people around got very angry."

Were the actors that co-starred with them that angry? "Of course. Because of them, the level of the drama dropped. If there is one person who is bad then the people around them have to put on a bad performance as well. For that to happen, a pro actor or actress's will not forgive it."

"Since we're in a recession, most networks cannot gather the funds for a drama, so dramas are dropping in numbers. Now, getting a role is tough. Despite this, EXILE uses connections to get good roles. People are openly recognizing that it is not fair."

Is there any reason for musicians such as them to be actors? "Since they're a big family, it's their agency's plan is "If you can no longer make it [as a musician], live on as an actor. They may have seen idols and singers to advance into the acting world and remaining there, so they probably thought it was a good business plan."

4: 2015/04/24(金) 01:44:28.52 et
EXALE* looks like a male version of AKB
*This is NOT a typo on my part lol

8: 2015/04/24(金) 01:46:07.71 et
Other companies look like school plays too

11: 2015/04/24(金) 01:46:38.97 et
I agree with this. If they didn't dance then they would be normal Ossans

18: 2015/04/24(金) 01:54:48.49 et
Even though they suck they get lead roles out of nowhere. Forget about the viewers they are making fools out of real actors

23: 2015/04/24(金) 01:58:23.42 et
Compared to Kimutaku and Kusanagi Exile are starting to look even better. Scary w

33: 2015/04/24(金) 02:03:49.72 et
But I think Sandaime's Iwata-kun looks good


42: 2015/04/24(金) 02:12:54.59 et
Without Atsushi they're just a bunch of idiots

60: 2015/04/24(金) 02:23:36.99 et
It because the generation in which the president HIRO  and the primary members are not making money by just dancing
To prevent the people in their agency from dealing with the same hardship they are letting them do work outside of music

67: 2015/04/24(金) 02:29:05.28 et
Exile's real occupation is backup dancing
All other activities are false


83: 2015/04/24(金) 02:34:26.58 et
The fans don't agree to it either
They want them to do singing and dancing alone
They look cheap the way they are now

91: 2015/04/24(金) 02:40:58.92 et
Seriously I imagined they would be shockingly bad
But their acting is normal

111: 2015/04/24(金) 02:56:02.38 et
I don't really care about Exile
But if it's that depressing that you're being surpassed by Exile then work hard to win the leading roles

113: 2015/04/24(金) 02:58:12.15 et
The dramas that actors are doing have bad ratings so that's why Exile are coming in

122: 2015/04/24(金) 03:04:44.38 et
I can't say anything else about Akira's GTO other than that it was disastrous

155: 2015/04/24(金) 03:40:22.33 et
When I see a large number of people dancing a ballad I just laugh

70: 2015/04/24(金) 02:30:22.34 et
I seriously can't stand seeing them 


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