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The Tendency of Johnny's Groups to Become Popular with 5 or 7 Members

1: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/06(金) 19:53:04.19 ID:lwh/SM//0
Groups who made their breakthrough with 5 members


Groups who made their breakthrough with 7 members

Hikaru Genji Kanjani 8 Kis-My-ft2

If they don't change members and continue to do activities with this number of members generally the groups can get to a position where they can be called nationally recognized but what will happen to Sexy Zone and Johnny's West from now on?

2: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 01:13:07.08 ID:LYLvGe5F0
V6 Kinki Kids Tackey and Tsubasa  NEWS KAT-TUN
The feeling that groups with an even number of members flop is too serious

3: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 01:52:19.32 ID:bvMGX2ZU0
But Hikaru Genji became 5 and broke up in the end
KAT-TUN also became 5 and weren't able to stay stable
And Sexy Zone is in essence is a 3 member group

4: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 02:38:10.43 ID:cnTy9QM+0
Yeah. SMAP was originally 6 members
Even when they became five member Hikaru Genji and KAT-TUN flopped

5: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 03:02:14.55 ID:799f7TYk0
Kis-My-ft2 broke through?

6: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 03:14:14.66 ID:mveuYxQb0
When you look at the scope of Kisumai's tours you can say that they got their big break
But there's still the possibility of flopping

7: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 04:24:08.21 ID:FJwTpi3f0
Isn't the success of a group connected to the balance and compatibility of the members?
NEWS and KAT-TUN have too many retirees so nothing will become of them
Hey Say, Sexy Zone and Johnny's West have some people who retired but that can be settled with a hard blow
But when a group gets popular and someone quits the negative image will get big and rebuilding is impossible

8: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 10:57:52.39 ID:bvMGX2ZU0
If you count since their debut the only group that hasn't had a member retire is Arashi
SMAP and TOKIO in their initial days had 6 members
Genji and Kanjani and Kisumai had 8 members when they were first formed
And speaking of which they became ft-2 with 7 members
The current members (other than Fujigaya Kitayama and Yokoo) weren't ther

10: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 18:52:57.82 ID:Jra7W2nb0
Don't forget V6 in the first row

11: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 20:09:51.76 ID:bvMGX2ZU0
Certainly wasn't there a guy named Hara?
Didn't Okada come from the back?

9: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 14:01:05.43 ID:5O9kqzS5
Please remember A.B.C.-Z too (´・ω・`)

12: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/07(土) 21:47:48.75 ID:qOE++DM/0
As for ABC-Z because of their age its impossible for anyone other than Hashimoto to get a break
Whatever the circumstances maybe they debuted too late

14: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/08(日) 06:56:06.88 ID:T9lz+x/V0
In ABC-Z everyone other than Hashimoto is ugly

16: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/08(日) 23:41:57.33 ID:C0h+uMm00
Hmmm the groups with an even number of members who can create a center had a good balance when you look at them

18: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/10(火) 23:25:05.28 ID:WrhuqHDt0
There's a pattern of making the higher up groups make appearance with the lower groups when the 7 member groups become 5 member groups
SMAP with Kisumai, TOKIO and Arashi with Kanjani 8 and after Johnny's West who just debuted got to appear on VS. Arashi giving a hint that there's some bartering going on

19: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/15(日) 16:41:22.57 ID:utjT+2of0
TOKIO...suddenly becoming popular?

20: ユー&名無しネ 投稿日:2015/02/21(土) 17:20:02.94 ID:OeAuowDi0
I saw Johnny's West for the first on VS Arashi but
They all seemed desperate to stand out
Do they all have the same character?
As someone from Kansai just like them I was embarrassed when I watched it
There isn't at least one cool guy?

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