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Sakurai Sho Express His Preference for "Pocchari" Girls

1. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:14:39 +185

Isoyama, [gravure idol who was a guest on the show with Sakurai] who has a beloved pocchari body said, "There was a time long ago when I had a slender body for work, and I was told "It's okay not to lose weight" from my male fans." She was also told from the head editor of the magazine "Don't lose weight," and she revealed "I almost didn't control my meals at all and I don't hold back from eating." She showed a VTR of herself eating karaage in during the break of a photo shoot.

Sakurai, who supported his preference for pocchari said "I like women's upper arms. I like a bit of meat on their bones more than being too thin," he said, confessing his preferred type. "But I guess I thought this while watching the VTR but I don't really like people who say 'It's because I'm pocchari' and eat karaage," he said, revealing his true feelings and gaining laughs from the audience.

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

4. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:15 [通報+789
What about when he said "get serious and don't eat debu*?"
*debu- derogatory word for fat people

5. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:23 [通報+377
Everyone says that so their fans won't go on radical diets

8. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:38 [通報+267
I also don't like men who say "I like pocchari"

9. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:45 [通報+365
I like pocchari over girls who are too overly thin
Like the announcer Mito-chan

10. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:48 [通報+445
The person who says that is pocchari himself

11. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:48 [通報+491
While Sakurai says he likes pocchari
What is up with that bringing them up just to bring them down w

12. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:23:49 [通報+134
Don't get it twisted debus

14. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:24:04 [通報+275
Before he was asked which one he liked
Sakurai murmed "Poccharis are in demand"
So I think he followed along with that.

17. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:24:29 [通報+224
But it seems like he will marry someone with the body of a model

19. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:24:51 [通報+358
But Sakurai gets pretty round every once in a while too

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

22. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:26:07 [通報+75
This guy is stoic so it seems like he would hate irresponsible people
Seems like if you were with him you would get tired...

23. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:26:13 [通報+237
I think that what men and win consider to be pocchari is different
I think they prefer women who have thickness in the arms,  thighs, and breast more than women who are fat all over

25. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:26:31 [通報+355
I think Isoyama Sayaka is pocchari for a celebrity but for a regular person she has a regular body. Plus her face is pretty so the parts of her face pop.
Therefore, it is forbidden for regular debus to misunderstand!
That's all!!

29. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:27:56 [通報+346
Isoyama Sayaka is pretty in all ways

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

34. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:29:24 [通報+185
Isoyama Sayaka has a sweet face

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

36. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:29:53 [通報+196
A stoic person wouldn't get this fat!

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

38. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:30:33 [通報+173
He's soft on himself and tough on others

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

39. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:33:06 [通報+249
Yeah. If you understand then it's better to work out, just a little

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

40. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:33:25 [通報+105
I people who even though they are just debus that each too much they use the fact that people around them accept them as pocchari  an excuse to eat
It's like they understand

43. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:35:44 [通報+105
Eating karaage in the middle of getting her makeup done is sort...Isoyama Sayaka is free w I think

嵐・櫻井翔、“ぽっちゃりorスレンダー”好きなタイプに本音告白 磯山さやか驚き

45. 匿名 2015/03/06(金) 15:38:45 [通報+123
But the celebrities who say "I like pocchari" have an idea of pocchari that is way different from us regular people's idea of pocchari.
It just means not too skinny

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