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Actors Who Will Hit It Big Soon

1. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:55:51 +364

■ Fukushi Sota

  • "Since he can speak English, it seems that the span of his activities would be wide," (23)
  • "Because he broke through with Amachan and slowly but surely he is appearing more on TV" (23)

■ Kamiki Ryuunosuke
  • "He's already popular, but his acting is awesome, so it seems like he will become more popular" (30)
  • "He was cute as a child star but I saw him recently after a while and he has become an ikemen and grown up. I want him to breakthrough with a drama," (33)

■ Yamazaki Kento
  • "He kind of has a standard Japanese and it seems like he will become the next Ayano Go" (28)
  • "I've been seeing his name a lot lately and he's tall and I think he's handsome," (33)

■ Kubota Masataka
  • "Because his level of recognition rose because of the morning drama, and he's active in other dramas," (30)
  • "He's good at acting and he has a face like a Hallyu star, so it appears that he'll become popular!"

■ Ikematsu Sosuke
  • "His performance in MOZU left a big impression," (31)
  • Because he's starred in the much discussed work "Kami no Tsuki," (30)

The industry in which you will not remain just by being an ikemen. The 5 people here have no complaints in regards to their look and acting, so viewers will look forward to seeing them being active in this year's dramas and movies. 

2. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:57:04 [通報+1278
Hasn't Fukushi Sota already has his breakthrough?

3. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:57:12 [通報+378
Fukushi is an ikemen? 

4. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:57:27 [通報+772
Kubota Masataka, Hallyu star www 

6. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:57:46 [通報+745
Hm? But it's seems as if all of them are already people who have made a breakthrough...

7. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:57:51 [通報+775
Yoshizawa Ryo!


9. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:58:16 [通報+388
But they're already gaining attention

10. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:58:23 [通報+837
I think the true abilities of the 5 presented here are already being acknowledged. 
If you are talking about ones who will make a breakthrough soon, I would want it to be actors with less recognition~

11. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:58:41 [通報+756
Kamiki Ryuunousuke has been around since the past right

12. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:58:44 [通報+523
Ikeda is an ikemen?

14. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:58:54 [通報+311
They all have already had their breakthrough haven't they. 

16. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 09:59:35 [通報+1097
Kamiki-kun has been doing activities since long ago. 


17. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:00:01 [通報] +572
I see! Yoshizawa is super kakkoii! 
It's just, he is short so it's a waste


18. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:00:03 [通報+173
Fukushi Sota is not an ikemen

19. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:00:31 [通報+1068
I like Ikeda Sosuke and Kubota Masataka
Only, rather than ikemen actors I think they are actors on the unique side



22. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:02:02 [通報+512
Wait a minute. With these faces, saying that they will certainly breakthrough is rude! They are all already having their breakthrough.

23. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:02:13 [通報+477
I personally like Chiba Yuudai
He has a really well put together face

It's just his acting is a little...


26. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:02:18 [通報+651
I think Kamiki-kun and Kubota-kun are really good actors

31. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:02:45 [通報+241
Oppositely it's rude to say that actors who already have lead roles will have their breakthrough soon

32. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:02:52 [通報+454
Yoshizawa Ryo,

I think he face is so so
But I have noticed how bad is stature looks when he is lined up with other actors. 
I think he is suited for supporting roles than lead roles. 


35. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:03:12 [通報+441
I think these five have already made their breakthrough
There is not a day that you don't see Fukushi Sota huh

Rather I think it will be difficult for Fukushi Sota to remain in the entertainment industry
He has the feel of an ikemen but his acting isn't all that great


36. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:03:18 [通報+318
The one who will have a breakthrough soon is Masaki-kun and there is no other


37. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:03:33 [通報+385
Massan's Horii Arata-kun 


40. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:04:41 [通報+224
Kora Kengo-kun!


43. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:05:00 [通報+256
In the last episode of Masshiro, Mashima Hidekazu was really cool
It might be wrong to say that he will have a breakthrough soon, but I want to see him in more dramas!


44. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:06:03 [通報+252
I'm sick of Fukushi Sota already he's in way too much stuff

45. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:06:19 [通報+282
That's enough of Fukushi Souta
He's being gorioshi'd all over the place

50. 匿名 2015/03/18(水) 10:07:35 [通報] +571
It seems like Kubota will last longer doing supporting roles instead of lead roles


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