Friday, February 27, 2015

The Ranking of Female Idols with the Best Singing Ability


1: 砂漠のマスカレード ★@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:21:14.66 ID:???*.net
1. Nishiwaka Ayaka (A-chan)/ Perfume 20.2%


2. Ariyasu Momoka/ Momoiro Clover Z 13.2%


3. Shinozaki Ai  8.6%


4. Yamamoto Sayaka/ NMB48 (AKB48) 8.2%


5. Takahashi Minami/ AKB48 8.0%


6. Watanabe Mayu/ AKB48 5.2%


7. Tsugunaga Momoko (Momochi)/ Berryz Kobo 4.0%


8. Suzuki Airi/ C-ute 3.6%


9. Iwasa Misaki/ AKB48 3.0%


10. Natsuyaki Miyabi/ Berryz Kobo 2.8%


4: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:22:52.29
A chick who's popularity is nothing is number 1 w
Why was her song even publicized www

7: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:24:01.81
Lip syncer is number 1

13: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:25:16.56
There's no Babymetal

14: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:25:55.92 ID:2/
I think juju is a good singer but she's not an idol. 

18: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:27:32.91
Mei J


22: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:28:18.93
Nishino Kana


25: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:28:51.75 ID:F7KEQ1s/
Baby Metal's popularity wwww

26: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:28:53.92
perfume are idols?

56: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:37:16.86
They say that they are idols and their fans think so too so people who start to like Perfume who say that they are amazing and aren't idols are ganged up on with "This again! You're special viewpoint is annoying! Perfume themselves say they are idols! Idiots!" Because of that the fans are pretty bothersome

27: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:28:55.45
In spite of them lip syncing when they were singing Chocolate Disco and yelled "Disco!" there was one voice that was behind and that was A-chan


29: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:29:30.39 ID:3c/
As you would expect Kyary wasn't there

30: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:29:37.33
No. Absolutely not.
Especially not AKB.

40: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:31:54.95 ID:eh/
If they actually had singing ability there would be no reason for them to become an idol

84: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:43:52.71
Tendou Yoshimi


107: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:50:23.92
Since they lip sync in the first place how do you even know their singing ability

117: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:52:03.52 ID:g/
I was shocked that Nocchi wasn't there


121: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:52:44.80
Nakagawa Shoko isn't there either
Maybe because she isn't an idol and sings anime songs

132: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 14:56:34.04
If we're talking about AKB, wouldn't Masuda Yuka be number 1?

148: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:02:16.08
At the point when Perfume becomes number 1 this will be a comical ranking

152: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:03:14.27
This seems to be ranking that Moriguchi Hiroko would take a glance at w


155: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:03:49.44
This kind of thing is just a popularity vote

176: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:12:57.12
It's strange that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu isn't on the list. 
She's always perfect no matter what, and she has a milky voice that can sing at 44.1kHz/16bit. Amazing!

197: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:20:03.55
This is limited to idols

200: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:21:12.33
Shinozaki Ai is an idol?

209: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:24:06.24
Her main profession is a graveur idol so that's the idol category isn't it

204: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:22:40.18

Shinozaki Ai Great Female Singer Competition

214: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:24:46.59
Up until here Gakki's name hasn't shown up


223: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:27:19.67
If Perfume, Kyary, Hatsune Miku and AKB appeared at the Tokyo Olympics no one would sing for real w

276: 名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/25(水) 15:48:07.62 ID:jsDO/
Whether or not you have singing ability, that doesn't mean that the songs will sell


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