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Korean Idols Are Nothing But Ugly Guys

1: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:44:10.64 ID:MAvNCFs902
Why are these okappa ugly guys with single eyelids getting treated as ikemen?

Even if I went to Korea the chances of  me being treated as an ikemen would be miniscule
*okappa-having a hairstyle like a kappa

2: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:45:21.05 ID:L4+5cgVp020
They have a super high level of popularity with high school girls right?

Even if you are ignorant of the ways of the world there is a limit

3: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:46:17.07 ID:EEQ7e4BM020
Kim Jae Joong

5: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:47:14.90 ID:MAvNCFs9020
This guy has had plastic surgery on his eyes hasn't he

4: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:46:23.51 ID:MAvNCFs9020
But they have square jaws, single eyelids and are busumen aren't they

If I wore the same clothes and called myself Zainichi I would be popular too~~~

6: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:48:26.25 ID:MAvNCFs9020

In this one other than the two guys on the right they are all out

7: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:49:40.22 ID:99xirAjA020
Why are these guys faces so pale? Did they just gather a bunch of guys with pale faces?

21: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:04:26.52 ID:imf/DtWf020
The dark one in the center is uggo

8: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:51:50.61 ID:cM/Gibkp020
Hyunseung is so cool (。☆◇☆。)

10: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:53:10.21 ID:vhcgJ+5k020
There is no variation in plastic surgery w

11: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:53:36.63 ID:P4IlLDHg020
They're regular ikemen though

12: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:54:42.94 ID:/kmy9t/7020
Why do all Korean idols have the same hairstyle?

13: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:55:15.49 ID:MAvNCFs9020

I have confidence that I would win against the two on the left and right~

14: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:55:33.37 ID:+FOG5M/g020
Nothing but faces that look like Gekidan Hitori

17: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 06:58:11.49 ID:hDtrz1az020
How are Japanese idols...(shaky voice)

no title

no title

no title

22: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:05:35.98 ID:MAvNCFs9020
Maybe it's because they have wide eyes but there's less of a gloomy feel to them compared to Korean idols

49: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:49:57.79 ID:g5CLbE2R020
They're putting up a pretty good fight with Korea aren't they www

20: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:04:25.17 ID:MAvNCFs9020

Iya~ gross

30: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:16:19.47 ID:6yWJZvG3020
This is seriously to the level that if I were told they were all the same person I would believe it

24: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:08:40.25 ID:vIRAQDTE020
They all have the same faces because they were manufactured out of metal

26: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:10:44.81 ID:lfyh6CdZ020
They all have thick lips

27: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:13:14.42 ID:MAvNCFs9020

Do they have a white person complex or something?

31: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:16:50.90 ID:JMySS+C6020
It doesn't suit them at all warota

34: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:20:38.38 ID:MAvNCFs9020

Is this a non-celebrity?

36: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:26:11.88 ID:6yWJZvG302
Speaking of which are these are Korean idols seriously popular? This is my first time hearing this kind of thing?

39: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:28:33.18 ID:MAvNCFs902
If you search Twitter it will come up
There's thing like "compared to Korean men Japanese men are useless" and the like written and it's annoying~

38: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:27:39.62 ID:f09JNBd5020
I understand Korea completely
Square jaws
Flat faces
Weird glasses
Slanted eyes

40: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:29:41.01 ID:MAvNCFs9020

I have the confidence to win against the guy on the bottom right!

41: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:30:26.88 ID:rMvo1mmN020
I had a weird feeling about their eyes but they were putting on eyeliner?

43: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:32:00.28 ID:MAvNCFs9020

What's up with this old man?!

46: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:36:47.24 ID:8aG2x9Ai020
I am always told that I look like Taecyon from 2PM so I looked up his picture I can't agree with this slanty eyed dorky guy

47: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:42:31.67 ID:MAvNCFs9020

These guys wear imported brands too huh

52: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:54:05.21 ID:MAvNCFs9020

The rate of ikemen in these guys is especially low~

56: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 08:21:59.23 ID:cM/Gibkp020
They are seriously ikemen

32: 以下、\(^o^)/ でVIPがお送りします 投稿日:2015/02/02(月) 07:18:03.92 ID:xBXrntcF020
Koreans are so easy to understand

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