Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kazuya Kamenashi and Fukada Kyoko's Kiss Scene

1: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:34:01.34

no title

no title

no title

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no title

4: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:35:01.80

13: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:40:10.11
Very nice

11: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:38:23.12
Out of all mankind I like her the most

20: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:43:45.97
I want to lick behind her 26.5 cm huge feet all over to the tips of the toes

22: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:44:02.57
Kamisama mo sukoshi dake* holiday
*Referring to the drama

24: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:46:15.37
This is Kame?
I'm so frickin jealous

25: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:46:59.03
Contemporary dancer Kamenashi Kazuya

27: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:48:22.30

28: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:49:03.59
She looks strong

33: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:51:16.42 ID:f/hzz4g/
This is the worst now he's hugging this person and the next and just because of that he's winning

37: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:53:07.46
Ariyoshi hugged both Fukada and Rola so he's winning

36: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:53:03.55
Her back was pretty fleshy like an old woman

38: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:53:08.48
Oooh amazing

42: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:54:23.07
In the past she did a naturally airheaded character but now she is more sly so you can feel the desperation oozing out

44: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:55:20.53
She's  co-starring with Kamenashi in Joker Game right

47: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2015/02/07(土) 01:55:49.49 ID:Y1qRBK/
They seriously kissed each other
I can't take it

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