Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Difference Between American and Japanese Ikemen

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Warota at >>1's taste

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The Japanese one wasn't an ikemen in the first place

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This is too ill-intended
But I do accept that the Japanese guy pales in comparison

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They're ugly so it's better to compare them

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Stop bringing in these average ugly guys

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The smile of a Japanese fattie

The smile of an American fattie

A smiling fattie

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The Cola and tabasco are huge

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If you're going to pick an ikemen to represent Japan at least pick Olive Oil*

*Admin note: This is a meme that refers to a Hayami Mokomichi who loves olive oil so much he uses it in everything. Also this skit:

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The case in which neither are ikemen

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Japan's ikemen:

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I won't accept anyone who doesn't show their forehead as an ikemen

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Western ikemen

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Lately both seem gay

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Hai, Nishijima

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The only person who is pure Japanese and ikemen is Ken Hirai

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Everyone looks like a homo

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