Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yahoo! Japan: Yaguchi Mari Does her First Variety MC Job After Comeback

Yahoo! Japan: Yaguchi Mari Does her First Variety MC Job After Comeback

1. +16050 -721
I don't want to see Yaguchi.
Is there a demand?
The entertainment business is weird.

2. +13860 -639
"From now on I think I want to be open. I think I want to live honestly."
It's good to be honest but your affair opposes that!
Don't show your face!

3. +6064 -215
>> "(From now on) As far as the things that will be exposed, I think that I will expose them as much as it is demanded."
But no one is demanding anything

4. +5669 -219
The television world is naive, huh. With just a little punishment you can make a comeback.
Lately I almost don't think I want to watch television at all.

5. +5430 -209
If television is not going to have a opposition to this kind of spectacle of adultery
Then I don't need it.
I don't think it's interesting or boring talk.
I'm full of discomfort.


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