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Was the Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki Dating Rumor a Fake?

1. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:47:06 +131

On the December 18 episode of Sakurai Sho's variety program "Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai" there was an advertisement that announced that Horikita Maki would be appearing on the show. Horikita will star in next year's drama "Masshiro" so it seems that she will appear on the program to promote her drama.

Various fans on the internet have raised concern about the two supposed lovers appearing on the same show together. It is something that is usually forbidden, so since they will be on the same program, their relationship may not be real after all.

2. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:48:41 [通報+227
Eh--! They're going to be appearing together

3. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:48:50 [通報+685
Since they're appearing together they're probably not dating

4. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:48:51 [通報+147
I want to see

5. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:49:04 [通報+208
So it was a fake after all!

6. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:49:10 [通報+307
They both suit each other in a refreshing way ♪

8. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:50:29 [通報+471
Why is it that if they appear together that is means that they aren't dating? 笑

10. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:50:47 [通報+330
Since it was reported about that means that means Johnny's Jimusho understands it.
That's why the okay'd them appearing together

11. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:51:46 [通報+373
Johnny's usually doesn't allow people who are dating or who have dated to appear together on music programs so this is probably a fake

15. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:52:34 [通報+190
Sakurai-kun looks good in that picture
Now his face is all round

17. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:53:34 [通報+146
But isn't the one who reported is Tokyo Sports?
The fake Tokyo Sports. You look like idiots

19. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:53:54 [通報+168
I feel like Horikita doesn't really universally date people but she dates less people with deeper relationships...
Honestly if I were told that it was a fake I would believe it
If I were told that even though she is beautiful she has no boyfriend I would only believe it if it were her...

24. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:55:20 [通報+293
I wanted them to date...
I don't think that the clever Sakurai-san would say "This is my woman" at a party

26. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:56:33 [通報+379
I think these two have similar facial features

30. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 16:58:40 [通報+262
Even though there are rumors about MatsuJun and Inoue Mao dating they still appeared together right?
Did they appear at Kouhaku together before the rumors?

36. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 17:02:50 [通報+166
They're already at a good age
I want them all to get married

39. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 17:05:04 [通報+212
From the start Tokyo Sports has had a lot of articles bringing Sakurai down and this is the Tokyo Sports that has a lot of fakes
I don't think that a person who hasn't had any affirmative proof of any relationships for 15 years would say publicly "This is my girlfriend"

47. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 17:16:04 [通報+108
I don't comprehend people who are lured in by Tokyo Sports
They have articles without pictures don't they
This is the Tokyo Sports that has writers who say "No one believes our newspaper so it won't become defamation of character"

48. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 17:17:03 [通報+156
Nakai-kun and Koda Kumi appeared together too right

49. 匿名 2014/12/19(金) 17:18:25 [通報+102
I don't like Arashi at all but I think they have good taste in the the women that they date
With Johnny's I have think "With that woman?"

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