Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Naruto Creator Shows His Face on TV

1: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想

2: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
Freeza is there

5: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
This thing that's like Freeza is Kishimoto-sensei?

8: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
I saw this in the morning and Kishimoto is an amazingly normal person

1: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想

162: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
The idol who did the interview was bawling from the beginning

3: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He's a normal Oji-san ain't he

4: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
Freeza's air of intimidation

5: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He's an Oji-san that seems like a good person

11: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He managed to get married and earns enough to never be trouble for the rest of his life
I'm so jealous

12: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He's like a totally normal salary man

17: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
The signs of quality of a successful man

22: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
The nice impression of a regular person

27: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
I wonder if someone who earns this much gives money to his parents and siblings

28: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
If you passed by him on the street you probably wouldn't notice him

34: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He got fat

35: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He said he barely remembers his character designs?! As I thought he's a genius

36: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
He's more normal than I thought

41: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
It seems like he's done make-believe Dragon Ball fights while hitting Freeza many times

43: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
Women have found the love stories that this guy writes thoroughly disturbing through to the end
But it was good that at the final part Sasuke said to Sakura "See you next time"

54: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
It can't be helped since shounen manga's female characters are women seen from men's point of view
Just like the male characters from shoujo manga

56: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想
No even from men's point of view it's normally gross
Things like women who will die for men or women who will commit double suicide with men

51: めざましテレビを見ていた視聴者の感想 
But didn't he say his wife is like Sakura?

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