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If Johnny's Held a General Election, Who Would Be Number 1?

1. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:52:11 -339
If there was a Johnny's general election, who do you think would be number 1?
I sort of think it would be Kimura Takuya.
If it were a Junior, I think it would be Nagase Ren.

5. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:53:43 [通報+341
Who is the person from the first comment? w

6. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:06 [通報+537
It would be KimuTaku wouldn't it? People who don't know a lot about Johnny's know him.

7. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:13 [通報+336
Sakurai-kun, right?

8. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:16 [通報+549
If it were right now, I guess Arashi
I think it would be MatsuJun or Sakurai-kun

9. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:24 [通報+486
One way or the other Sakurai-kun would be number 1

10. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:29 [通報+366

11. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:32 [通報+626
Nagase Tomoya!!!

14. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:57 [通報]  +468
This is a topic that I didn't think would come up.
I think it would be someone in Arashi.

15. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:54:59 [通報+420
If we're talking about face, Nagase-kun
Personality, Leader
As for a sparkling presence, Tackey

16. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:55:02 [通報+655

20. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:55:27 [通報] +471
Nagase-kun of TOKIO I wonder?

Not only is his appearance ikemen but his interior too!

21. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:55:43 [通報+471
Because I'm around 30 I don't know any of the Junior kids at all!
The one I know at best is V6's Okada-kun

23. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:55:48 [通報+261
Matsuoka would be good

24. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:56:03 [通報+1008
The one who manipulates the votes would be Matchy

25. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:56:14 [通報+564
The only one who wouldn't be it is Fujigaya!!!!!!

29. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:56:46 [通報+177

32. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:57:02 [通報+320
The one that the agency allows to become popular will be number 1.

34. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:57:25 [通報+353
Nagase-san. He has a tall stature and fearless features

38. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:57:51 [通報+268
When this kind of topic comes up
Johnny wotas will come saying "Johnny's doesn't want to do that sort of thing! Don't make fun of them (キリッ"

39. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:57:59 [通報+388
As far as level of recognition it would be KimuTaku.
Because even oba-chans in their 90s shorten it to KimuTaku.

40. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:58:01 [通報+384
Since I think that the ones who will vote in a general election are Johnny wotas, Arashi or Kanjani maybe?
If random people from children to old voted I think SMAP or TOKIO

46. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:58:58 [通報+181
Since we're right after Kanbie Okada-kun, right?

48. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:59:04 [通報] +115
One vote for Inocchi

49. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:59:17 [通報+100
One vote for Sakurai

54. 匿名 2014/12/24(水) 23:59:56 [通報+175
The top position would be SMAP or Arashi
Continuing from there Kanjani 8 maybe.
And then I think Okadu-kun from V6 would enter the top ten.

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