Friday, December 19, 2014

Does Angelina Jolie Hate Japan?

1. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:15:05 -1261
There are many scenes in which the lead actor, who plays an American soldier abuses Japanese soldiers, and it is said that the film "Unbroken" is so anti-Japanese to an extent that cannot even be reached in China, where there is a lot of anti-Japanese sentiment. The posters have been completed.

2. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:16:59 [通報+1172

3. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:17:17 [通報+1622
Don't show your face in front of Japan

5. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:17:32 [通報+2229
I love Japan! and such
Do you think we'll believe that? (#゚Д゚)<ボケェ!!

6. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:17:58 [通報]  +2145
"Japanese soldiers abused war prisoners and ate human flesh while the human still lived" Why did Angie make such a movie?

9. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:18:25 [通報]  +2411
I hate Angelina Jolie now.
But I never liked her in the first place w

10. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:18:28 [通報]  +1422
I don't want to see Japanese soldiers committing acts of cruelty!

11. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:18:31 [通報]  +1901
What is this? I won't forgive it!
What kind of reaction is it getting overseas?

13. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:18:50 [通報]  +1489
She's likening blood to the Japanese islands?

14. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:18:52 [通報]  +943
Even though Angie dated a Japanese-American woman in the past she hates Japan?

15. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:19:18 [通報]  +1769
She's certainly expressing that she hates Japan...

18. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:19:37 [通報]  +1562
I've decided!
I won't see any more of Angie's works

20. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:19:45 [通報]  +1223
Even though I like Angie and Burapi*...

I may not celebrate when they come to Japan anymore

*Brad Pitt's nickname in Japan. Burado Pitto= Burapi

23. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:20:07 [通報]  +1948
People who don't have significant knowledge shouldn't create war movies

26. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:20:40 [通報]  +1625
As it is this might be received as fact.
I want the government to protest it!

31. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:21:18 [通報]  +1033
I found a screen cap of the movie. It is a scene of a Japanese person doing something violent.
I thought she came to Japan because she liked it, so this is sad

33. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:21:37 [通報]  +1502
Since she created this kind of movie is she stood in front of me and said "Nihon daisuki desu!" I would vomit all over her

34. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:21:58 [通報]  +1023
And I thought she liked Japan...
If she didn't hate Japan this kind of poster wouldn't be made

36. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:22:07 [通報]  +1206
Isn't this pretty horrendous?
The people around her sure did nothing to stop her
And speaking of which Miyabi is a Korean, right.

38. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:22:31 [通報]  +1296
Angelina Jolie is over now.
She won't be welcomed in Japan anymore.
Does she not realize that she has lost an important customer? ww

40. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:22:58 [通報]  +1229
This is too much
It's like an anti-Japanese movie made by North Korea

41. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:23:01 [通報]  +943
Even if she makes this kind of movie the media won't criticize her...

42. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:23:16 [通報]  +1273
The poster is a little...
I have come to think that this is a movie for the purposes of looking down on Japan.
She can make some sort of excuse for the motif for the outline of the sun, but she won't make an excuse for the shape of the Japanese territory, and she doesn't care, huh.

Has Japan don't anything to your or your family?
It's sad, and even when you had lots of fans in Japan.

44. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:23:34 [通報+1008
Is she trying to bestow a bad influence on Japan until the Olympics? Angie sold her soul...

47. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:24:18 [通報]  +1194
Please don't come back
Lip goblin

49. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:25:23 [通報]  +1027
This is the same level of ugliness as an anti-Japanese demonstration created by Korea.
This mistaken view will be shown all over the world, won't it?

50. 匿名 2014/12/17(水) 23:25:31 [通報]  +1074
Let people who understand the appeal of Japan be. I thought she can do what she wants, but of course, I got angry.
What is this? Please don't come to Japan.


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