Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BOA's Face Has Changed Too Much

952: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:11.24 ID:YSVF9tzK
Her face has changed

951: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:09.18 ID:J6zhiqkm
How many times have you changed your face

955: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:16.18 ID:giPlL2W6
She had this kind of face?

956: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:17.29 ID:aiuXmqml
BoA has collapsed

958: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:20.83 ID:IOq1WxkO
Who is this

959: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:21.50 ID:1AWyvMtK
She changed her face again

962: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:27.76 ID:JZ8Q0dqP
She fixed her teeth, huh

965: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:33.83 ID:5d4fzZ8C
Once again she's changing the design of her face

967: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:37.45 ID:jHI42RL9
I wonder if there is something inserted into her nose

968: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:44.17 ID:ChKjSRTg
She's gotten old

971: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:51.95 ID:GvI6rQT/
Her face is like someone else's

972: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:53.96 ID:S0iI8Bcy
I'll forgive BoA

974: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:35:56.50 ID:J6zhiqkm
Even though she was plenty cute at valenti she's changed

978: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:36:18.74 ID:GU2Cwyec
Her previous face was good though

984: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:36:33.96 ID:pgYwRmc/
Her eyes and nose have changed too much

985: 名`無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:36:36.04 ID:1AWyvMtK
Dame~ dame dame~
*No good

6: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:36:54.68 ID:3Mi6amo/
BoA's face is becoming long

23: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:38:34.24 ID:U8eaWvwX
BoA, her hair is getting thin even though she's still young

29: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:38:45.43 ID:4lokdYv2
Is it because of the plastic surgery? She hasn't just gotten old?

34: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:38:50.78 ID:iH0sE8WC
She has become like Masato's wife

58: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:39:44.34 ID:aPtzzon+
I thought she that she has come to look like someone
I am relieved

36: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:38:54.15 ID:SnfcghWo
Even though she was cute in the past...

43: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:39:13.20 ID:1AWyvMtK
*Similar to kabedon, only on a door (doa)

91: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:41:38.94 ID:UASok9wf
This is BoA? I seriously did not know who it was

118: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:42:54.80 ID:l4UiiTm3
They broadcast clips from the past w

119: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:43:00.07 ID:J6zhiqkm
Say, her dancing is cool

129: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:43:22.53 ID:/JBdwTKC
The matter of her face being better before plastic surgery

133: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:43:34.58 ID:4lokdYv2
The thing called time is cruel

995: 名無しさんにズームイン! 2014/12/01(月) 10:37:19.06 ID:jHI42RL9
Her previous face was cute though


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