Sunday, December 14, 2014

Basketball God Micheal Jordan's Clothing is too Unfashionable

1: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:47:05.08
*Unstylish, unfashionable

2: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:47:28.03 ID:hJq/
His face is small

10: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:49:20.00

3: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:47:30.17
How many heads tall is he?

14: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:51:35.72
This is sloppy but wwwwwwww

17: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:53:42.48
I see
So he is six heads tall

4: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:47:37.98
But he's tall right

7: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:49:09.88
Since he is huge their aren't any clothes his size so he can only do his shopping at Sakazen!

8: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:49:17.46
This is all made to order right?

11: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:50:04.42
It's like Captain Tsubasa

13: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:51:23.32
But these guys are only 190 cm
For the NBA they are small guys

23: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:57:32.81
But Jordan has long arms and legs so he was able to hit a dunk right in front of the 213 cm Ewing

15: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:52:30.88
There is quite a difference between his height and Kobe's

16: ちんぽこおっさん ◆ahGt8i/2xPAC 2014/12/13(土) 00:52:49.64 ID:Md1t/
Why did you include his neck?

19: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:55:01.60
Sorry wwwwwww

21: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:56:11.83
This is somewhat laughable

26: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 01:00:00.56
Don't you laugh this is the god of basketball

28: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 01:00:52.70
Kobe's suit is too long isn't it?

30: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 01:05:44.14
He should appear in a CM for Chocoboru*
*This Japanese snack

31: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 01:08:54.32

It's like this kind of comedy duo would exist

33: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 01:12:19.14
Even lined up next to Kobe he has an amazing aura

5: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/12/13(土) 00:48:10.38

He looks like Slam Dunk's Sakuragi

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