Wednesday, December 3, 2014

AKB48 Breaks Record for Most Singles Sold; Surpasses B'z

1. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 15:58:58

2. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:03 [通報]  +668
The number that they sold seems awesome

5. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:24 [通報]  +915
Seems fishy....
In comparison I barely know any AKB songs

6. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:34 [通報]  +713
They said they surpassed B'z?!

7. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:36 [通報]  +450
This is a topic that I definitely thought would come up

Fans are slowly getting sick of them but antis are not and I can't help but find that strange

8. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:45 [通報+410 
Thanks for all of your hard work otakus w

10. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:00:55 [通報]  +772
Then don't put them in the same category!
Those aren't actual CD sales!!

12. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:01:10 [通報]  +374
Just how many have the otakus used

13. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:01:22 [通報+512 
It's because there are otakus who will buy 100 units by themselves

14. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:01:34 [通報]  +619
I'm tired of repeating this so many times but they didn't sell CDs they sold handshake tickets

15. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:01:36 [通報]  +584
It's a shame that those CDs that aren't needed for anything else other than handshake tickets
They get dumped unlawfully

17. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:01:45 [通報]  +556
The handshake tickets were mistaken for 30 million copies

20. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:02:00 [通報]  +305
Well, if you use that sales method...

23. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:02:40 [通報]  +549
Out of the 30 millions, 9/10 of that is thrown away in the trash

25. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:03:02 [通報]  +1056
Don't kid me and say that the lip synching handshake ticket selling AKB surpassed  B'z-sama

28. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:03:58 [通報]  +422
Maji de-- Sugo--i

34. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:04:25 [通報]  +303
I don't want the sales of regular singers to be lumped in with the sales of CDs with bonus handshake tickets

37. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:04:53 [通報]  +316
The thrown away units would be a million seller w

38. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:05:00 [通報]  +383
I wish they wouldn't count these as sales!

42. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:05:14 [通報]  +206
Are AKB otakus rich?

Or are they stupid?

That's enough open your eyes already.

I hope that AKB disappears next year.

50. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:07:15 [通報]  +142
Please stop comparing them on the same ranking when they sell CDs with handshake tickets and the like included.
It's wrong that from now on they will remain as the #1 top seller throughout history.
Someone please reach #1 using a justifiable method! 

53. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:08:06 [通報]  +65
I don't understand why this ugly group is selling
And there's still the otakus who won't open their eyes

55. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:08:29 [通報]  +109
I  feel embarassed as a Japanese person that this record will remain in the future

64. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:10:03 [通報]  +105
I hardly know any of their songs and there are no people around me who have AKB CDs (笑)I think that B'z is a totally different story

67. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:11:27 [通報]+93
If it were a different artist that included handshake tickets they would sell about this much, no even more.

Don't misunderstand, AKB.

72. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:12:27 [通報+63
The Japanese music industry is finished.

74. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:12:46 [通報]  +65
I saw these being sold in large amounts at a used goods store for 8 yen. New songs were 80 yen.

78. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:14:01 ID:1Xv1nODShD[通報]  +65
This group aren't accepted as singers so break up immediately! I am embarassed that the level of Japanese music has dropped

83. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:16:23 [通報]  +125
A Akushuuken ( Handshake tickets)
K Kau (Buying)
B Baka (Idiots)

95. 匿名 2014/12/02(火) 16:18:58 [通報+88 
It's not that anything's okay as long as they sell...


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