Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yaguchi Mari Appears on Yoshizawa Hitomi's Blog

1. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:05:47 -686

2. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:16 [通報]  +2307
Yaguchi's face...she's not reflecting

3. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:20 [通報]  +1767

5. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:34 [通報+1204 
Don't come out ww

6. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:39 [通報]  +1131
She's sure getting photographed good!

9. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:43 [通報]  +1212
Why is Hello! Project protecting her? For some reason I can't see them as really getting along

12. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:52 [通報]  +1096
Just an annoying face doing a duck face

13. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:53 [通報]  +1055
Annoying! www
Today there have been various things annoying me so I feel like crushing an apple with both hands.

 17. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:58 [通報]  +1759
If you didn't tell me it was Yoshizawa Hitomi
I wouldn't know (´•ω•`)

19. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:08:58 [通報]  +1394
Yoshi-! Her face changed!!
Did she age?
She was cuter before >_<

22. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:07 [通報]  +1200
Yoshizawa Hitomi had this kind of face?

23. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:10 [通報]  +630
She hasn't gotten any offers after Miyane Ya so she's just trying to draw attention on her blog

24. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:14 [通報]  +824
Satoda Mai is pretty
I thought, the balance of your face is important

That's it

31. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:40 [通報]  +704
More than Yaguchi, what happened to Yoshizawa Hitomi's face?

32. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:49 [通報]  +222
Yasuda Kei wasn't there. Even though she says "Yaguchi is my best friend!" on TV. 笑

37. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:09:59 [通報]  +190
What is she doing at this age. She's not reflecting at all! 

39. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:10:02 [通報]  +216
The duck face makes me mad! 

42. 匿名 2014/11/17(月) 22:10:12 [通報]  +229
I don't think there is any woman in Japan with a more shameless nerve than Yaguchi 


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