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Yaguchi Mari Updates Her Blog for the First Time Since Having Affair

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Yaguchi Mari expresses gratitude towards her fans with her first blog entry after making a return. "One step forward at a time," she says with a fresh determination

Yaguchi Mari, who on the 23rd of last month appeared live on  Dokumo Terebi's "Miyane Ya," making her return appearance after a year and five months, updated her blog.

For the first time since her break from the entertainment industry last year, she updated he blog after about a year faced what is to come ahead saying "From here on I will take one step to move forward,"

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Yahoo netizens are still eating Yaguchi up?

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Good evening

Everyone, it's been a while. While this has come at a very late time, yesterday, I was allowed to appear on Miyane Ya.

While feeling as nervous as I've never felt before, the things I talked about on the program where feelings that I wanted to express in my own way. There are many different opinions on television shows and the internet, and I am still spending day after day thinking about [these things]. From now on, I think it will be good to take things and move forward one step at a time.

Thank you for all of the messages on my blog up until now. During my break, I was saved by those warm words. Since this blog is a place where I am connected to everyone, from now on I think I will try my best to show the new me!! I will also make proper updates. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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Well it's about time

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She was told that her coming back was a failure

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It doesn't seem like anyone demanded this...

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An overwhelming victory for Marippe

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She hasn't had any work after Miyane Ya

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Because of her already existing image, she's able to make lots of money off the blog

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She made this big announcement about coming back but she hasn't been approached by anyone else
To make the news she might trespass into Michishige's graduation concert

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There were a lot of comments cut from this huh

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Since she get a great increase of blog hits from this Yaguchi is chuckling to herself

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After she came back it seemed like she would get lots of work for the sake of ratings but it's amazing that she's hasn't gotten any offers even after that.
I wonder if she would get offers from Sunday Japon or London Hearts or vulgar programs like that

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She has fans?

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Yaguchi will be the one laughing because if she runs out of money all she has to do is make a slight stir

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I'm begging, please don't come back

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Since she will really get an income from hits on her blog she can live off updating her blog w

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And it would be just fine if she became a closet critic...

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