Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kis-My-Ft2 anan Spread is Here!

2: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I don't have any opposition to buying anan but just because Kisumai were semi-nude I felt like I was buying an erotic book. I got to experience the feeling that men get when buying erotic books. 

3: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I felt pretty embarrassed carrying the anan the register, but actually the ones who are most embarrassed are the Kisumai members who have their naked bodies lined up in bookstores all over the country wwwwww Thinking of this I took it to the register!

4: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I saw the Kisumai anan. Being naked is fine but I like when they were cool clothes after all. Because I like their smiling faces. Normally there are no smiling faces with nudes (笑)

8: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
There might be a lot of other talents with nice muscular bodies, but conversely this type of regular body is more realistic and has it's benefits. Muscular bodies look like otherwordly and look scarily stiff. Kisumai's bodies are more realistic and look soft so it's fine (´∀`*)

12: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
Even though among Kisumai Senga-kun has the sense of "the idol" the gap of when he takes of his clothes and muscles being ripped is unbearable// Ah~ I got excited again←

13: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
When I was coming home I stopped by the convenience store and while I was shopping my friend read anan in the store, and at that point I asked "How was it?" to get an impression from my friend who likes Exile. My friend said "The way their muscles are is different from EXILE. Kisumai are supple while EXILE are athletic." Hm...was it good after all...

16: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
So, if I had to say, I like bodies that aren't that muscular like Yokoo-san but, when I looked at Kisumai's bodies I felt that having a gap is good♡ They have cute faces so when they take off their clothes it's amazing. Senga-chan's muscles are awesome ( ・∀・)

17: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I'm looking at the Kisumai anan images but Senga-san's muscles are awesome right? But the one I'm supporting right now is Nika-chan

23: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
anan is so heart will was so amazing that I got a nosebleed w Tama-chan, I  can see that line from your belt~♡I can't~♡/// I saw Kisumai's muscles and imagined too many things and I might get a nosebleed ww

37: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
Yesterday I got anan (^^) However I was sleepy so I only looked at the cover >_< When I woke up in the morning I thought anan!! and when I opened it there was Sen-chan (^^; without thinking I closed it (^^)笑 The awesoness of anan and Kisumai in the morning is too strong (>人<;)笑

43: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
The awesomeness of Kisumai from the morning was too strong(≧▽≦)All 7 members of Kisumai on the cover! And the "Otoko no Karada" special feature! Moreover! I cried at Nika-chan's standing position (; ;) anan-san! Arigatou gozaimasu

45: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
Everyone in Kisumai's bodies are too good so I'm troubled

51: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I saw the Kisumai anan on Instagram but since they on showed their upper bodies it wasn't sexy at all

53: キスマイセミヌードに関しての世間の感想
I bought the Kisumai anan. With it being semi-nude I thought it would be more erotic. As a Johnny wota I am more to seeing their bare upper bodies so I wanted more eroticism. It sucks. If you do one with Kanjani 8 I want it to be more erotic please anan-san! Johnny wota's eyes have good taste!


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