Thursday, November 27, 2014

Itano Tomomi is Cute Without Makeup

1: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:28:50.92 ID:/

7: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:31:26.88 ID:/

12: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:33:21.09
She's good looking

52: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:42:34.31
Guu cute

73: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:47:35.45
This is cute

4: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:30:09.19
The second picture looks like the child of an alien

10: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:33:01.07
Hyeh this is the true shape of a remodeled human

11: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:33:09.19

29: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:37:14.82
Quit it with Zawachin

16: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:34:05.19
Her evolution is never ending

22: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:35:35.38
The fate of a plastic surgery woman

23: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:36:05.56

66: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:46:34.38
This is really laughable

24: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:36:06.13
She's constantly remodeling her face so there is no such thing as a makeup-free face for her

25: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:36:17.50 ID:/

28: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:36:55.69

30: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:37:26.85
It would have been good if she stopped here

57: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:43:37.22
This was just right
Now her chin is weird

32: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:37:31.05
It's pretty popular to do your chin/jaw but when you get older it becomes disastrous

42: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:39:31.95 ID:/
Shes's cute after all

44: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:40:39.90 ID:/

45: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:40:44.86
From a young girl to a woman
Wotas say that it isn't plastic surgery but the process of maturity but
No matter how you look at it she's changed something

49: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:41:55.34 ID:/
Did you see this? She was cute since she was a child

55: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:43:00.49
Too unnatural

70: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:47:18.65 ID:mpVxeNHK0.n
Her figure is no good

58: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:44:02.19 ID:/
Tomochin is number 1

59: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:44:06.17 ID:jdyuRqOq0.n
Her face, in any case her breast implants are an unbelievable deed

68: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:46:57.95 ID:/

71: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:47:21.40
The plastic surgery face that kyabajou* frequently have
*Woman who works at a cabaret club

72: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:47:27.14
She was cute in the time when she wasn't getting plastic surgery

78: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:49:08.81
I think so too. Now she doesn't even have the face of a human so when I look at her I become uncomfortable

79: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:49:10.95 ID:/

82: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:49:48.93
Which version is she on now

87: 風吹けば名無し@\(^o^)/ 2014/11/24(月) 14:51:15.90 ID:4/
She was cute before so it would have been better for her not to change her face so it's really wasteful

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