Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is There a Person More Perfect than Mizushima Hiro?

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・His height is 180 cm
・He graduated from Keiou University
・He was raised in Swizterland so his English is perfect
・Kuso ikemen
・He has such great reflexes that he has gotten invites from the Kanagawa Best 4 and J League Soccer
・In order to refine himself he began stoic
・He's rich
・He has such literary talent that his novel gained the Poplar Grand Prize
・Even though he's naturally popular, he took a wife who has an incurable illness called Grave's Disease and even though 5 years of marriage have passed he is properly supporting his wife and treating her with care

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After that he can clock up

3以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします :2014/11/07(金)
*Slang variation of "kakkoii"

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He was told by the Kamen Rider producer that his aura is different and passed the audition in one shot

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He is living and doing the things he wants to do. I'm as jealous as can be

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Mei-chan no Shitsuji→Kuroshitsuji

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He is a human chosen by Zector so he is no match for human's everywhere

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There has to be an ikemen who graduated from Tokyo University, who is good at sports at a national level and who has a tall height and high income

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Daisuke Hitoshi*, right?
This guy

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I'm the one who's an ikemen

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Fix those pimples, overbite and bald head then come again

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Kamen Rider Kagero

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This is not something that is only limited to Tendou Usouji, anyway the scene in which he first appeared is kakkoii

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He was walking and holding tofu? www
Nanba Senpai from Ikepara was cool, but I feel like he was too thin

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But Kagerou was pretty interesting...

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And he co-starred with Satou Takeru

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They also co-starred in Mei-chan no Shitusji

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He has a small face and outstanding figure so I like him

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