Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ayumi Hamasaki Look Alike Appears on TV; Cuter Than Ayu Herself?

1. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:48:52
Obara Yuuka-san, who participated in the "monomane meku*" championship on "Baikingu" She revealed her impersonation of Ayumi Hamasaki.
*Celebrity impersonation makeup

2. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:23 [通報]  +2068

3. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:23 [通報+2341
She looks like a transvestite

4. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:24 [通報]  +2297
She's cute but isn't it a little too different than the picture?

7. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:31 [通報+1766
Eh! Doesn't look like Ayu

10. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:35 [通報]  +3533
Her face reeks of plastic surgery

13. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:42 [通報]  +1676
Her nose is like

14. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:52:43 [通報]  +2542
24 year old Ayu is definitely cuter!

20. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:53:03 [通報]  +1785
She's cute but she definitely has plastic surgery. I have a strong feeling that a foreign substance has been inserted into her nose and chin w

23. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:53:09 [通報+515
She looks like a porn actress

26. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:53:24 [通報+700
That's Yunkoro ain't it

38. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:54:43 [通報]  +1128
Sorry but I think Hamasaki Ayu is the cuter one. When she had short blonde hair

43. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:56:11 [通報]  +408
That's Yunkoro, right?

47. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:57:28 [通報]  +611
This Obara Yuuka is the model Yunkoro, right? She used to appear on TV a lot in the past. Her face is different now, did she do something to it?

54. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 13:59:17 [通報]  +296
 Her eyes and nose are unnatural. Did she get plastic surgery in order to become Ayu?

68. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 14:03:18 [通報]  +327
On that day's Baikingu, the Sashihara monomane meku looked exactly like her

71. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 14:04:45 [通報 +184
I used to look at this person's blog in the past, and she was always a fan of Ayu, and went to her concerts frequently.
She even did her hairstyle to match Ayu at one point.

75. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 14:06:39 [通報+577
Ayu when she was 25.
Yup, cute (笑)

76. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 14:06:42 [通報]
Aren't novices are better at monomane meku than Zawachin?

114. 匿名 2014/11/02(日) 14:26:26 [通報+208
I went to the same high school as Yunkoro (笑)
She was always good with the fraudulent selfies since the past!(笑)
But she really has plastic surgery!
Her nose was big and her eyes were small and she wasn't cute at all but she was so good at taking selfies that she looked like a totally different person (笑)

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