Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sexy Zone Attach the Word "Sexy" to Anything

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Sexy Boyz (Sub-Unit) 
Sexy Matsu(Show) (Sub-Unit) 
Sexy Family (General term for Sexy Zone and the Sub-Unit) 
Sexy Girl (Nickname for female fans) 
Sexy Mens (Nickname for male fans) 
Sexy Staff (SexyZone's staff) 
Sexy Rose (Shori's Rose) 
Sexy Summer Yuki ga Furu (Song name) 
Real Sexy (Song name) 
Sexy Second (Album name) 
Sexy Last Part (The last part of their concerts) 
Sexy Natsu Matsuri (Concert name) 

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They're too sexy warota

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It's useless they couldn't even stop at Sexy Staff

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Sexy Last Part wwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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Kuso warota

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What is Shori's rose?

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In Sexy Zone's songs it's the word that Shori whispers

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How sexy are they

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A few years ago inside the store that I worked at heard "Sexy Zone!!" on the radio and wondered who the singer was and when saw "Sexyzone" written on the display I cracked up

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This is a sexy thread

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But you guys like cute boys

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Well because they're Sexy Zone
Sexy territory*
Here the poster uses the word "ryouiki" which can be loosely translated into "zone". It's pun! Woo.

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If you take away the 'y' it sounds like an orgy

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Sex Boyz (Sub-Unit) 
Sex Matsu(Show) (Sub-Unit) 
Sex Family (General term for Sexy Zone and the Sub-Unit) 
Sex Girl (Nickname for female fans) 
Sex Mens (Nickname for male fans) 
Sex Staff (SexyZoneのスタッフ) 
Sex Rose (Shori's Rose) 
Sex Summer Yuki ga Furu (Song name) 
Real Sex (Song name) 
Sex Second (Album name) 
Sex Last Part (The last part of their concerts) 
Sex Natsu Matsuri (Concert name) 

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Sex Last Part

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What is this, stuff you would find in Western music?

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sexystaff→ If they were all hot women with boobs (swimsuits) then I would become a fan


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