Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nogizaka 46's Matsumura Sayuri Cries at Fan Meeting in Front of Cameras after Extra-Marital Affair

1. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:24:45  -482

2. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:28:40 [通報+1175
Are they going to use it for a documentary or something?

3. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:28:44 [通報]  +785
For her sake and the sake of people around her I think they should let her rest.

4. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:28:50 [通報]  +1069
I'm so shocked I can't say anything anymore.

7. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:29:12 [通報+939
If it could all be settled by crying I would cry too.

10. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:29:25 [通報]  +826
If you're going to cry don't have an extra-marital affair in the first place

21. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:30:22 [通報]  +1129
She's doing handshakes with the same hands that held hands with the cheating husband  (笑)
Congratulations on the indirect handshake

25. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:31:39 [通報]  +605
Of course, after the handshake event she was doing peace signs and smiling

She's saying it went well ^ ^ right

28. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:32:06 [通報]  +829
The wife is the one who should be crying so why is Matsumura crying? Shameless

32. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:34:23 [通報]  +653
>Sayurin tried her best. Not running in itself is amazing. Anyone can make a mistake. There are people who won't run away and will follow her. Honestly she wasn't my type in the first place but now I support her. Ganbare.

>So Sayurin went to a handshake event. I though she would be resting. Going to the event is quite a feat.

Even though she is personally responsible for the disturbance that this has become, why is she being praised and supported
It's a pity for members who take their job seriously

37. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:35:29 [通報+426
Shouldn't it be the wife and children who are crying? The tears of a homewrecker have no value

43. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:37:28 [通報+310
So your favorite idol had an affair with a married man and ultimately cried at a handshake event. Why fans don't find this pathetic is a mystery

51. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:39:58 [通報]  +79
Please hurry up and make her retire from Nogizaka 46.

58. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:42:24 [通報]  +105
As long as he makes money Akibuta* will do anything Stupid pig!!!!!!
*Akimoto+Buta (pig)

68. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:47:35 [通報]  +113
The cheating man is wrong too but for an idol on a love ban this behavior is too reckless

76. 匿名 2014/10/18(土) 18:54:50 [通報+137
Because this is Girl's Channel you will take the side of the wife and fight the woman but the one who is the most wrong is the man who, even though he has a wife is looking at other women.
Stupid old man.

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