Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Two Timing with Tegoshi Yuya?!

1. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:12:34 -659
Even though her work and love life are doing great, Friday has reported a shocking affair that is very much unlike this kawaii girl.

One night in the middle of September Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was seen coming from her towering apartment wearing a black hat that covers her eyes and blue fluffy earrings.
Walking closely beside her was not Fukase [Sekai no Owari singer and Kyary's boyfriend] Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS.

2. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:14:38 [通報]  +1431
So Kyary was the the type to go go after guys w

3. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:14:47 [通報]  +641
It's a fake isn't it  笑

4. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:15:26 [通報]+1279
Tegoshi really has  bad taste.
Even though it is finally interesting. 笑

8. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:16:01 [通報]  +1153
Her ex-boyfriend was like that, but she relatively seems to like Johnny's types

9. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:16:01 [通報]  +1306
Tegoshi is really a player (笑)

15. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:16:41 [通報]  +1107
Maji de---?!
Fukase, Masuwaka and the Panas? (NEWS' fans) They're crying!
I guess Saori has a smug face now

19. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:16:50 [通報]  +962
If this is true then Saori will think of this as a chance w

30. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:18:30 [通報]  +1363
Don't they suit each other though?

38. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:21:01 []  +667
Was he only playing here?

55. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:27:59 [通報]  +222
I'm not a fan of Kyary but I think Fukase suits her more than Tegoshi!
One way or the other Sekai no Owari is popular now and both are riding the wave of this generation.
When it comes to image it will be Tegoshi's that will go bad.

57. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:28:40 [通報]  +284
For Fukase, it's just about the Sekai no Owari...
*Note: Sekai no Owari means "End of the world"

58. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:29:02 [通報]  +418
*A play on the band's name. Lit. End of Love

64. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:31:20 [通報]  +215
For Tegoshi, as long as it has a hole anything is fine, right?

99. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 10:53:44 [通報]  +81
Turtle faced woman and midget blonde prince

116. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 11:12:06 [通報]  +289
*Uwaki= Affair

144. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 12:02:44 [通報]  +187
*Another pun, lit. "I'm also done"

206. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 13:52:45 [通報]  +122
As for the pictures, I saw these 笑
But the woman behind him doesn't look like Kyary

209. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 13:55:24 [通報]  +54

210. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 13:57:08 [通報]  +31

241. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 14:39:08 [通報]  +102

244. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 14:48:28 [通報]  +113
Her dark past revealed...

246. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 14:49:36 [通報]  +96
Ugly w

265. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 15:09:08 [通報]  +50
There are really people out there who are thinking "this is a chance for Saori!"

280. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 15:26:39 [通報]  +90
I think this is fake's a hundred times better than Fukase who is still living with his ex-girlfriend.

286. 匿名 2014/10/10(金) 15:40:07 [通報]  +107
I just found out earlier that Saori and Kyary are following each other on Twitter. That's kind of scary!

I'm more worried about Saori and Kyary and Fukase than Tegoshi and Kyary ww

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