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Former KARA Member Ji Yong Gets Criticized for Costume Choice in Japanese Drama

1. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 12:58:28  +99

People saying that it looks like a chima jeogori*
*Traditional Korean attire

"If you look closely it's not a kimono but based off a chima jeogori. I wonder if they could cancel this drama"

"The person playing Yukime is a Korean and it seems like she said she didn't want to wear a kimono so the costume became similar to a chima jeogori"

"There's talk of  her saying that she didn't want to wear a kimono for anti-Japanese reasons so it became a chima jeogori youkai"

People who don't think it's a chima jeogori

"No matter how you look at it Jiyeon's clothing is not a chima jeogori"

"Do people saying that the kimono costume is a chima jeogori even know what a chima jeogori is?"

"Wait a minute...where's the chima jeogori?"

There are various opinions, but it seems that truthfully the information saying "Ji Yong didn't want to wear a kimono so the costume was made into a chima jeogori" has a high possibility of being false. The people who wrote that on Twitter deleled their tweets because of the big fuss that was made.

2. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 12:59:41 [通報]  +1419
It doesn't look like a chima jeogori but it really has the feel of something that was handmade for a school performance. Cosplayers are better at making costumes than this

5. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:00:28 [通報]  +796
It feels a lot like it's not Yukime

6. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:00:30 [通報]  +1288
It's too much trouble
Don't use Koreans!

8. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:00:39 [通報]  +854
You can say this about everyone in the drama but what's up with that casting?!

12. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:00:51 [通報]  +1125
It was a mistake to use a Korean in the first place

13. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:00:59 [通報]  +1176
Even though Yukime is supposed to be a Japanese youkai why is she a broken Japanese-speaking youkai?

18. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:01:18 [通報]  +708
In this day and age they shouldn't use a chon* actress.
*chon: Racial slur used against Koreans. Yikes!

It doesn't matter if she's nameless it would've been better to use a Japanese actress!

29. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:03:31 [通報] +521

This is


43. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:06:56 [通報]  +432
I want Koreans to stop earning money in Japan. Is there a demand for these people? Because I hate them. I don't understand why they use these people who can't properly speak Japanese in dramas.

52. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:11:48 [通報]  +230
Also in Korea when kimono are shown in anime they get people calling in with anti-Japanese statements so they paint over all Japanese-style clothing in order to air it

56. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:13:25 [通報]  +210
I remember when these chon idols called BEAST refused to wear kimonos in a Katsura Yumi fashion show

It's because they have a precedent, these chons

59. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:13:57 [通報]  +152
It's pitiful that this girl, even though she gets criticized for liking Japan too much in Korea, in Japan she gets wrapped up in all these false rumours.
And it looks like she has no plastic surgery

As for the costumes it's not only her but everyone looks like they are wearing cheap cosplay

66. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:17:14 [通報]  +95
It's not the costume that's the problem
Koreans are the problem

67. 匿名 2014/10/12(日) 13:18:17 [通報]  +155
If they didn't use Koreans this sort of thing wouldn't happen

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