Thursday, October 23, 2014

Former AKB48 Itano Tomomi Shocks Fans With Her Weight Reveal on Twitter

1. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:15:08 +1128

It seems that her height is 154 cm but to be under 37 kg is too thin! Shocking isn't it?

2. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:16:24 [通報]  +2302
She thin but the balance of her body is off so it isn't attractive at all!

3. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:16:29 [通報+3582
I'm more concerned about the bunyons on her feet!

5. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:16:40 [通報+1192
Her face has become a mass produced product of Korea

7. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:16:42 [通報]  +1105
It's like the weight of a child!

15. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:17:02 [通報+1277
This is nothing but boasting w
She's light but I don't admire this person's figure at all www

16. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:17:02 [通報]  +1183
So she thinks the lighter the better, huh
On top of being a cyborg does she have an eating disorder?

17. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:17:04 [通報]  +770
She's the same height as me but the 10 kg lighter. Can't she faint from anemia at this level?

30. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:17:53 [通報]  +1193
Her bunyons are pretty bad
Wouldn't it be better if she stopped wearing such high heeled shoes?

34. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:18:29 [通報]  +1155
The issue isn't how light you are but the balance...

36. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:18:32 [通報+828
If you remove the silicone from her boobs I wonder if she'll be 35 kg

40. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:19:00 [通報]  +612
Doesn't have a fairly big influence on young girls?
Then shouldn't this be something that is not publicized?
What will she do when young girls admire her and go on pointless diets and ruin their bodies?

52. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:20:11 [通報+440
Even  though there's crap stuffed in her chin and boobs she's still light

53. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:20:18 [通報]  +412
Even though she's thin her boobs suddenly grew www
She's past puberty, right?

64. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:22:13 [通報]
I never thought Itano was that skinny. Since she fakes her height I wonder if she's tampering with her weight numbers too

84. 匿名 2014/10/20(月) 19:25:00 [通報+326
I don't think she's 150cm

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