Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fans Attack Boy Who Dares to Say He Would Enter Their Precious Arashi

1: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:46:37.57 ID:Saef/kJz0

High School Student: I want to enter Arashi

Arashi Fans Get Pissed 

Don't put yourself in a ranking with them even though you know nothing about Arashi And don't refer to them so informally What the hell is "boku"

So you really want to enter Arashi. Seriously think about what would happen to you if you enter the ranks of these five. 

Don't you dare say casually that you want to enter Arashi wwwwww Arashi is 5 people, you hear?

Where do you get off even having the thought of entering Arashi that wild idea is a sin that can't be forgiven


2: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:47:09.07 ID:hLrTVtx80
They're crazy w

4: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします  2014/10/24(金) 20:47:18.38 ID:vtEWt+qJ0
Arashi is 5 people, you hear?

28: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:51:08.13 ID:fYcWEnbE0
Getting this mad is childish

8: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:47:44.69 ID:C0Nf2mlT0
I don't want to enter Arashi but I want to enter TOKIO
In place of Kokubun

10: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:47:49.86 ID:ijdPP2790
You can't be an Arashi wota unless you have a narrow mind

13: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:48:41.37 ID:YAW0kAem0
He said it with that kind of face?

14: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:48:41.71 ID:c4AK57lD0
What the heck is up with these people they have a high sense of belonging with Arashi

20: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:49:23.18 ID:IyZLRIKm0
Matsumoto's face* after hearing that wwwww

*Yes I know that isn't Matsumoto but that's what the person wrote

25: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:50:09.53 ID:bwkTGRl00
M-Ste is wrong for even planning this segment

27: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:50:46.20 ID:Gek2suDm0
That's the truth
They should have thought of what would happen after they air this

38: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:53:21.57 ID:ry56/sv20
Arashi fan's mental age is too low but the most important thing is this

30: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:51:52.97 ID:7CbOTcyv0
M-Ste is a Johnny's propaganda program

33: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:52:43.35 ID:j7QaUamK0
Boku warota*
*See glossary of terms

37: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:52:54.23 ID:GSomAvBG0
Johnny wotas take jokes seriously wwwwwww

47: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:55:05.83 ID:dagy0Qfm0
It looked like this student was saying it as a joke though

49: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:55:53.73 ID:jPwOb8sz0
Anyone who didn't see it that way is weird in the head

50: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:55:55.74 ID:i/BGi7YZ0
I haven't seen any Johnny's groups lose members then add new ones, but isn't it possible?

39: 以下、\(^o^)/でVIPがお送りします 2014/10/24(金) 20:53:27.80 ID:CEGkgHYZ0
If Arashi turned into this they might actually become popular

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