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Artists Who are Banned From Appearing on Music Station Because of Johnny's

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DAPUMP (Because they overlap with Johnny's)

AAA (Because they overlap with Johnny's but if one of the girls sings main in a ballad they can perform)

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Aren't One Ok Rock not allowed because the singer used to be in Johnny's?

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That's right

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He's a former NEWS member

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Aren't there younger ones under EXILE? Are they allowed?

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The EXILE Tribe and Johnny's are  good friends. 
Since Generations can appear on Music Station this is a big deal

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Do they really get along? 
I heard that at first they kept the members and fan's age brackets high so Johnny's won't keep an eye on them
That or LDH has become that big of an organization

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That's right. So they won't overlap with Johnny's they gathered a bunch of dumb guys and seperated the dance and the vocal
That succeeded and they became the organization they are now
AAA were also very conscious of Johnny's and added female members

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DAPUMP overlapped with Johnny's?

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At the time they were a threat 
They were good at singing and dancing so Johnny's was seen as falling behind

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No one watches Music Station but middle school students so who cares anymore

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But if you can't appear on Music Station then you can't appear on Kohaku or any of the golden time music shows

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Winds and AAA and DAPUMP are artists?
 If they overlap with Johnny's aren't they idols?

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Idols aligned with being artists wwwwwwwwwwwww

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Sorry but if an idol agency is making you dance you're an idol

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Are DADUMP themselves even doing activities in the first place?

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Today for the first time in a while Morning Musume performed. Get lost!

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They don't lip synch and they actually dance so they have a better reputation than others

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If B'z performed they would overshadow Johnny's so why don't they appear together?

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Matsumoto writes songs for Music Station

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Since there aren't really any Japanese male idols that sing and can dance people who aren't interested won't care, but it would be good to have an idol like Justin Timberlake in Japan

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Whatever hurry up and let BUMP on you idiots. And let them go first because I'm not waiting two hours

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What was the worst broadcast accident that happened on Music Station? There Yamashita Tomohisa's Daite Senorita and Dir En Grey

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Linkin Park

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For now I'll say the shows when the small number of artists that are against lip synching perform
But they are forced to lip synch wwww

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We're in the age when people search for singers on the internet so who cares wwwwwwww

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DAPUMP are the ones who opened up a market conquered by Johnny's

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Lately has there been a huge artist that can represent Japan?

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Winds weren't Johnny's?

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Johnny's has that much power
What a terrifying group

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