Monday, June 18, 2018

Why is Japanese Rap so Primitive?

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It's too wack

Otakus Apologize After Voice Actor Tells Them to Bathe

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"Properly take a bath," a voice actor tweets to a firestorm of critique. "Sorry that we stink," the fans apologize... 

"We probably really stunk..." "Sorry that otakus stink." After popular voice actor Aida Rikako sent out a Tweet after a concert, it invited an unexpected misunderstanding on the internt.

What caused the uproar is that Aida tweeted "Everyone properly take a bath okay!!" right after the event. On this day the temperature was low and the event place was cold, so she tweeted that so that people could look out for their health but...

■ "Sorry that we stink"

Aida Rikako who plays Sakurauchi Riko in the popular anime "Love Live! Sunshine!" participated in a event on June 10 as a member of the voice acting unit "Aqours" consisting of voice actors from the same anime. The event took place at Met Live Dome. On that day it was very rainy and the temperature of 20 degrees. Since there were no walls the rain blew into the dome and the event center was cold. Some seats were even wet from rain.

Because of that, Aida tweeted "It was really really fun, thank you!" and "To the people who were at the event! Everyone properly take a bath okay!" She tweeted out of concern for the fans' physical condition.

However, there was a misunderstanding born out of this. People assumed that she could not stand the body odor of the fans packed into the event. This caused replies such as "Sorry that I smell, I will try to bathe," "If everyone stinks then you will be troubled!" "Sorry that otakus smell bad...Rikako."

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Video of Tegoshi Yuya with Underage Girl at "Drinking Party" Revealed

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NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画 | 文春オンライン
NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画 | 文春オンライン

The problem did not stop with Koyama and Kato. Shukan Bunshun has gotten their hands on the video that Tegoshi Yuya (30) participated in. It was in December of last year, and Tegoshi and a number of young men and women enjoying a character party was filmed. Tegoshi sang Wings of Words by Chemistry. On the table Cristal along with other expensive champagnes were lined up. According to the magazin, the women were two talentos, and at the time they were 19 and 17 making them underage.

NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画《予告編》 | 動画 - 週刊文春WEB
NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画《予告編》 | 動画 - 週刊文春
《完全版》動画は6月14日(木)より「週刊文春デジタル」で公開! ジャニーズ事務所所属のアイドルグループ「NEWS…

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pictures of Beautiful Black People

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Let's post some!


Monday, June 11, 2018

Will Horikita Maki Make a Comeback as an Actress?

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堀北真希10月スタートのフジ月9で女優復帰か(東スポWeb) - Yahoo!ニュース
堀北真希10月スタートのフジ月9で女優復帰か(東スポWeb) - Yahoo!ニュース

"In Horikita's statement last year, the word "retirement" did not appear. That meant that she would eventually return. In the middle of April, her conversation over dinner with Imai Miki and Hotei Tomayasu was revealed in a weekly tabloid. Hotei said "When you are settled with child rearing, you should return as an actress," to which Horikita replied "Actually I have been getting talks of dramas."

Horikita received talks from the staff of a Getsu9 drama. Hotei, when hearing the talk of drama offers said "Let's make a theme song."

Sunday, June 10, 2018

NEWS Koyama Keiichiro to Halt Activities and Go Into Reflection After Drinking with Underage Girl; Was She Tegoshi's Former Sex Friend?

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NEWS小山“未成年との飲酒”で活動自粛! お相手女性は「手越祐也のセフレ」だった!? - 日刊サイゾー
NEWS小山“未成年との飲酒”で活動自粛! お相手女性は「手越祐也のセフレ」だった!? - 日刊サイゾー
Koyama Keiichiro, who was reported to have been suspected of drinking with an underage girl, was dealt with by having his activities suspended so he could go into reflection. It was said that Kato Shigeaki and Koyama from NEWS participated in a drinking party with the underage girl. At karaoke, Koyama gave A-san alcohol. 

"Koyama pretended like he didn't know the girl when questioned by the company, but she is a passionate NEWS groupie. There is also talk that she was Tegoshi's former sex friend. There is also a possibility that they knew she was underage.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nagase Tomoya Talks About Marriage "I thought about it at one time but..."

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TOKIO長瀬が結婚語る「一時期考えていたけど…」 |
TOKIO長瀬が結婚語る「一時期考えていたけど…」 |

Nagase commented that as he got older it became more difficult to create a strategy, and that relationships wouldn't develop into romance. "I thought about it at one time though. In my 20's I thought 'I want to get married by the time I turn 30,' then when I was around 30 I thought I would do it at 35. Around 35 I thought I would do it at 40. Now I'm close to my 40's it has moved up to 45. I want to do it my 40's."

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