Monday, January 15, 2018

About Heavy Makeup in Johnny's

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I wonder if there's any?

Celebrities That Make you Think "Why did you go nude?"

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Fujigaya Taisuke


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Miyamoto Ayana May Get Arrested for Revenge Porn; Theories Say Video was Uploaded on Purpose

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【緊急事態】宮本彩菜がリベンジポルノで逮捕の可能性 / KOHHの股間ペロペロ動画をわざとネット掲載した説浮上 | バズプラスニュース Buzz+

The theory is that there was trouble between Miyamoto Ayana and Kohh, she became emotional and uploaded the video. And it's not that easy to "mistakenly upload to instagram" so there's a slim chance that she uploaded it by accident.

【緊急事態】宮本彩菜がリベンジポルノで逮捕の可能性 動画をわざとネット掲載した説浮上

Model Miyamoto Ayana Posts Video of Rapper Kohh Licking Her on Instagram

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美人モデル宮本彩菜がKOHHに股間ペロペロさせる動画をインスタに掲載 …取り返しがつかない大炎上

美人モデル宮本彩菜がKOHHに股間ペロペロさせる動画をインスタに掲載 …取り返しがつかない大炎上

Thursday, January 4, 2018

American Youtuber Recieves Criticism for Filming Dead Body in Suicide Forest

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There was a flood of criticism on the internet.

How you could you do such a thing! I have a bad mood. I can't believe that a lot of young people respect you. I'm very sad. When I saw his newest video, I hoped that he would open his eyes. You are absolute trash. Plain and simple. Suicide cannot become a joke. Go to hell. Suicide is not a joke. You can't use suicide to get views. You can't take suicide lightly. I won't accept what L***n P**l did.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Actress Sawajiri Erika on betsu ni controversy: "I had a strange mental state"

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Sawjiri on "Betsu ni" controversy: "I had a strange mental state."

Sawajiri appeared on Sanma's show "Sanma no Manma." On the show she spoke of her 2007 controversy in which she answered a question with "bestu ni" while promoting the movie "Closed Diary."

Sanma brought up the controversy saying "Is there anyone who would say that?!" It appeared that he saw the movie. "You tried your best. You had amazing performance," he said.

He continued "I don't understand why you said 'betsu ni' there. That's a word you definitely don't need to say."

When asked "What in the world happened?" Sawajiri replied, "That time was strange. At that time, I think had a strange mental state."

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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