Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Koyama Keiichiro Makes a Comeback and Participates in NEWS' 15th Anniversary Concert

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NEWS小山慶一郎復帰 4人で結成15周年記念ライブ、飲酒騒動後初のファンの前「覚悟伝えたい」

The groups biggest stage was the first stage after the scandal. Even if they didn't know she was not yet 20, they drank with an underage girl. Koyama, who initiated the alcohol chugging chant, punished himself by halting activities for 19 days. Kato, who did not halt activities, received a heavy warning.

Koyama said, "I want to return to my original intention, and I want to try my best to give all my fans good spirits and courage."

Friday, August 10, 2018

Is Ninomiya Kazunari Asking Johnny's for Permission to Get Married?

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二宮和也が結婚を事務所に直訴!? 伊藤綾子への“愛の深さ”は本当か - messy|メッシー
二宮和也が結婚を事務所に直訴!? 伊藤綾子への“愛の深さ”は本当か - messy|メッシーmess-y.com

Ninomiya is trying to strongly appeal to the management so they accept his marriage. He has even gone as far as saying that he will quit the company is they don't accept it. Because of that, the company has reluctantly accepted his marriage. But there is the condition that the safely completes the 20th anniversary since debut.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sakurai Sho Finds New Younger Girlfriend and Ninomiya Kazunari is on a "Pre-Marriage Trip"

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嵐・櫻井翔にミスコン女王の「新恋人」 | 文春オンライン
嵐・櫻井翔にミスコン女王の「新恋人」 | 文春オンラインbunshun.jp

Sakurai Sho was reported to be in a relationship with Terebi Asahi's Ogawa Ayaka (33). But the person who Sakurai is involved in a tryst with is 21 year old A-ko who attends the famous private college. He has been meeting with A-ko who has a history of shining in beauty contests. They were seen in the later half of July at yakiniku restaurants and expensive soba restaurants. She visited his apartment and they spent the evening together.

Sakurai's current relationship with Ogawa Ayaka and Ninomiya's overseas travel with his girlfriend will be reported in the August 8th issue of Bunshun.

Here's Your Yearly Matsumoto Jun x Inoue Mao Marriage Post!

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松本潤は「将来」を事務所に報告済みか 井上真央に予定を直撃 (2018年8月6日掲載) - ライブドアニュース
松本潤は「将来」を事務所に報告済みか 井上真央に予定を直撃 (2018年8月6日掲載) - ライブドアニュースnews.livedoor.com

-Shukan Josei PRIME hit Inoue Mao, rumored to be in a relationship with Matsumoto Jun, with an interview
-When asked about married with Matsumoto, she replied "I can't talk"
-According to an entertainment associate, Matsumoto informed his agency of his future with Inoue Mao
-Matsumoto reportedly joined the same religion Inoue follows (Soka Gakkai)

Monday, August 6, 2018

Youtuber and Utaite MafuMafu Causes Controversy Overseas With Answer to Question "What Age Do you Like?"

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A video uploaded by utaite and Youtuber MafuMafu has caused controversy and resulted in an apology. 

The video in question is titled "【In Commemoration of 1,000,000】MafuMafu's Question Corner!!" in which he answered questions from Twitter.

Among those was the question "What age do you like?" to which he answered "About 7 years old I guess." That 3 seconds in a video of over 12 minutes caused much of a stir. Korean netizens created the hashtag "#MafuMafu_Apologize for the perverted pedophile statement."

"In regards to this problem, a protest campaign was started in among Korean Twitter users who said "In Korea lolicon is a serious problem." The joke "I like 7 year olds" is taken as a joke in a sect of Japan's otaku culture, but in Korea there are victims who take pedophilia seriously as a taboo, and among those there were people who doubted Japan's low level of awareness in regards to human rights. Among utaites MafuMafu has a lot of attention, and because he has fans not only in Japan but all over the world, this has become a controversy. " -Entertainment writer

Receiving the criticism, MafuMafu took to Twitter and apologized with "This statement was of course a joke, but according the country there are things that shouldn't be said even as jokes, and I am deeply sorry for causing such unpleasant feelings." 

In addition, he said "I thought things that are settled as jokes in Japan, are not seen as jokes when you cross the ocean." He continued "I am wrong for lacking consideration, and from now on I will know manners and other countries' cultures, and I think I will try to be careful." 

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Whose anan SEX Issue Would you Buy?

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Nishijima-san from AAA was on the cover this time.
Each time various celebrities show skin, but whose special edition would everyone of Garu-chan buy?
I like older men, so if it were Abe Hiroshi I would want to by three: one to keep, one too look at, and one too look at!
Celebrities who have passed away and people from history are all allowed so please talk about your celebrity type!

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