Monday, August 21, 2017

Momoclo Pink Loses Weight

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The Latest Pictures of Jin Akanishi

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He's become such a freakin' ikemen lol

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tanaka Koki Faces Wave of Criticism for Not Hiding Tattoos

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Tanaka went to the Country-wide High School Baseball Championships at Koushien stadium to support his brother. Even though Tanaka showed full support for this brother, he was still criticized on the internet. That was because he did not hide the tattoos on both arms. 

People said that wearing short sleeves was not appropriate for high school baseball. Comments were made such as "That is the wrong place," "It doesn't suit the image of Koushien," and "Why doesn't he hide them?"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why are there so Few Good Female Singers that are Also Beautiful?

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Even though there are a lot of men that ikemen and good at singing

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Johnnies with Nice Bodies

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Is there anyone in Johnny's that has a nice body?
I think Sakamoto from V6 has a long legs and a nice body.
I also think Aiba-kun has a nice body.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Former SPEED Member Uehara Takako to go on Hiatus After Affair with Former Hana Yori Dango Cast Member Revealed

It was reported on August 12 that SPEED's Uehara Takako will take a long hiatus. 

It was recently revealed that her husband ET-KING's TENN (age of death 35) suicide was caused by Uehara's extramarital affair. On this day, her stage play performed publicaly in Nagoya started. She showed her normal self on the stage, but an acquaintance said "In order to sort out her feelings, she will take a break from the Nagoya play for the time being." Starting from the 18th she will no longer be working. Her hiatus may last throughout the year.

上原多香子、無期限休業へ…名古屋公演後“気持ち整理するため”  - Yahoo!ニュース

Celebrities' Iconic Works

1. 匿名 2017/08/11(金) 20:04:29 +172-8
I'm requesting works that make you say "this!" when you bring up a certain person.

Nakama Yukie → Gokusen

But you can't leave out Trick...


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